Museums, conference rooms, educational institutions, public offices, home and many other environments, in all these cases lighting fixtures of undoubted technical and aesthetic value are required.

Professional luminaires for lighting professionals, designers, interior decorators and electricians who require reliable, long-lasting and high-performing appliances.

The Arelux 2020/2021 catalog is intended for these professionals, full of news and product updates. A collection of tools and simultaneously a professional utensil for experts.


Behind each proposal is an idea.
One idea that has materialized in this line of quality products, easy to install, fulfilling all safety standards, with reduced energy consumption, a guarantee of performance and sustainability.
One idea that includes the entire capacity of innovation and experience of ARELUX team, having this new line of products: Doit.


LITESTAR 4D is an efficient lighting calculation system, but also a powerful marketing and management appliance for the transmission of technical and commercial data to the market. The program is being used worldwide by the lighting organizations, designers and distributors and allows the simple management of the data of a project from different points of view, starting with the technician who makes the project in accordance with the international rules, up to the marketing and commercial departments.

LITESTAR 4D is a fast, powerful and efficient lighting calculation program, and allows to see the results of the calculations in 4D system.

All the technical data of ARELUX products are available on the e-catalogue from our website. Use LITESTAR 4D to find our products and to update the program, periodically.